V Academy for Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr.Vishnu Potu's passion for teaching has driven him to establish the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry at Hyderabad. He designed his course as an integrated solution to understanding the modern concepts in Restorative Aesthetics both for students and dentists. The hands-on sessions are planned to replicate clinical situations as Dr.Vishnu believes that the participant will have a better insight into the concepts through this approach. As a part of the course, participants will get to work with superior quality material, aimed to help them in an understanding of the materials' molding capability and accomplish the masterly finesse in handling them in practice.

Treatment planning

This Treatment Planing Course is a unique program designed to empower and enlighten every participant and inspire confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning with predictable outcomes
Course Objectives
Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients through simplified systemic documentation
Learn to evaluate by a risk assessment protocoled triage the four major diagnostic parameters that effect and define success in treatment outcomes
Learn to transfer treatment planning techniques to case presentation that leads to patient acceptance
Learn to incorporate a comprehensive examination and systematic treatment planning into your patient care
Learn how to recognize, assess and account for risk using a protocol that evaluates periodontal , biomechanical ,functional and dent facial issues
Learn how to transfer the four diagnostic parameters into treatment plans and sequences that will minimize risk and maximize long term success
Learn how to engage the patient in understanding their condition so they may participate more fully in their own care.

Diagnostic Wax Ups


Adhesive dentistry

All about veneers


All About Ceramics


Direct and Indirect Composite Restorations


Adhesive full mouth rehablitations

This section focus on princples and protocol for full mouth rehabs with minimal invasive technique
Full Mouth rehabs with direct and indirect composites
Full mouth rehabs with using silicon index and flowable composites
Esthetics and function with partial ceramics

Digital Smile Designing